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Reddam House Private Sixth Form | Years 12 & 13

Our private Sixth Form School in Wokingham, Berkshire offers a top-quality education with a truly welcoming atmosphere and a worldwide reputation for excellence in A-levels. Students can choose from a diverse range of A-level subjects, with full support from teachers and tutors during this challenging two-year programme. 

Our Sixth Form students at Reddam House achieve outstanding A-level results every year, develop essential life skills in our enrichment programmes and receive individual guidance on their path towards higher education in the UK and abroad, with the majority of our 6th-form graduates securing acceptance into world-leading universities.

Our Sixth Form ethos encourages active learning, leadership development, and community engagement, fostering well-rounded individuals who are able to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives after school.

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Top Sixth Form Schools in Berkshire

Why Choose Our Sixth Form School in Berkshire, Wokingham?

In our Sixth Form College in Berkshire, UK, students receive excellent guidance and support in year-round one-to-one tutor meetings, as they navigate their A-levels, university and career pathways. This personalised support is a highlight of our Sixth Form at Reddam House. With most classes having fewer than 10 students, close relationships with our Sixth Form subject specialist teachers are easily created, something which is not always possible in larger schools.

We offer an innovative assessment programme, which includes regular formal tests (Cycle Tests) integrated into the timetable, preparing students for success in their A-level choices. Our school consistently achieves excellent results in A-level exams, often exceeding baseline targets for most students, who secure acceptance to top universities worldwide.

Sixth Form students at Reddam House have access to the latest digital tools, including Virtual Reality headsets and AI programmes. Students also receive life skills training through our unique Sixth Form enrichment programme, developing communication, leadership and teamwork capabilities.

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Sixth Form College Curriculum

Offering a wide range of A-levels and a small number of vocational Cambridge Technicals (CTEC qualifications), our Sixth Form curriculum is tailored to each student. 

Before the first term of Sixth Form starts, Year 12 students have individual meetings with subject leaders and the Head of Sixth Form to discuss their A-level subject options, based on their academic history. They will be encouraged to consider what they enjoyed learning, as well as the subjects they received good results for at GCSE level and what they would like to study at university. 

Guided by our Sixth Form tutors, each student then creates their unique A-level subject pathway, consisting of 3 or 4 A-level courses that they will study throughout the two years of Sixth Form (or for a minimum of a term). These choices will align with their future career aspirations or provide them with a versatile array of choices.


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Our Super-Curriculum

Our Sixth Form programme adds great emphasis to super-curricular work in which students research and learn beyond the level set out in the curriculum. This helps students to show universities how interested they are in the subjects relevant to the undergraduate degree they are applying for. All our 6th-form students seek further opportunities to develop their wider knowledge and interests, and give them a competitive advantage with their university applications. 

Our Sixth Form School in Berkshire also offers A2B sessions (similar to PSHE programmes) and two lessons of cycle tests during the week. This helps to monitor students' academic performance in test conditions, and is a practical way to prepare them to excel in their A-level exams.

Sixth Form Subjects

Students are encouraged to study 3 subjects but may choose to start the Sixth Form with 4 if they can't decide between two subjects. Universities make offers based on 3 A-level subjects and therefore only those that can cope with a very high workload should consider taking 4 A-levels (students achieving straight 8/9 grades at GCSE). Subjects should be chosen to complement each other where possible. Please check our Sixth Form Curriculum Prospectus for more information.

Extended Project Qualification

Alongside their A-levels, Sixth Form students can also take the Extended Project Qualification, which is highly regarded by universities due to its independent nature. The AQA Extended Project Qualification offers an academic extension for students and unrivalled opportunities to produce a single piece of work showing evidence of planning, preparation, research and independent working. The EPQ is seen as evidence of a student’s readiness for university. 

An EPQ can take several forms:
• an extended essay
• an artefact, model or construction
• a CD/video/DVD of performances or activities
• an audiotape/multimedia presentation
• a journal of activities or events.

Sixth Form Entry Requirements

Students wishing to enter our Sixth Form are asked to attend an interview. Offers are conditional, depending on each student's final GCSE grades and subject to availability. When you are ready to progress your application, we will ask for a reference from your child's present school. Formal offers are made to successful candidates by the Principal. To accept, we ask that you sign our acceptance form and pay a deposit, which is refundable when your child leaves. Please view our Admission Process steps for more details on Reddam House applications. For information regarding fees, please visit our school fees page.

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Our Sixth Form Teachers

Our well-qualified Sixth Form staff are passionate about their subject areas and offer innovative approaches to traditional A-level teaching methods. This allows Sixth Form students to learn independently and undertake leadership opportunities in and out of the classroom. All our teachers embrace the latest pedagogies and digital technologies to deliver outstanding lessons for every student, preparing them for success in their A-levels and life after school.

Sixth Form Facilities

Our Sixth Form students learn in state-of-the-art classrooms inside our impressive Victorian mansion, located in a beautiful and secure setting in the heart of a 125-acre estate near Wokingham, Berkshire. Over the past few years, we have completely refurbished our classrooms (including science and music), sports areas (including a new astroturf pitch and modernised swimming pool) and other school facilities, including the exclusive Sixth Form Centre where our Sixth Formers have exclusive access to silent study areas and a leisure space to relax and chat with friends.

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Extracurricular Activities for Our Sixth Form Students

At Reddam House, we appreciate and acknowledge that all students are different. In the Sixth Form, more than ever, they are able to display their individual skills and talents across a wide spectrum of opportunities. Our extracurricular programme provides more than 40 optional groups covering all aspects of music, art, culture, sport and life. Volunteering and community activity play a large part in the life of our Sixth Formers, as does music and drama which reinforces their self-confidence and self-worth. 

Our Sixth Form students are independent learners who are prepared to lead and take responsibility. They play a real part in helping to run parts of College life by organising activities for themselves and for others and act as mentors for pupils lower down the school.

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Clubs & Enrichment Programmes

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Individual Student Support at Sixth-Form

Our skilled and knowledgeable Sixth Form staff at Reddam House Berkshire provide outstanding support to students during this challenging educational stage. They help students as they study for and undertake their A-level exams, reflect on their learning, and explore a pathway for their future. 

Our expert teachers and tutors offer outstanding university and career guidance, plus year-round one-to-one support via our tutorial system for academic work, university applications and personal development. Students receive personalised assistance and encouragement at every stage, including guidance to lift UCAS applications via performing arts qualifications, Duke of Edinburgh Awards and leadership opportunities available in the Combined Cadet Force and other activities. We also help students build a CV and develop a strong personal statement that will make them really stand out.

Academic support and encouragement at every stage will ensure that each of our Sixth Form students performs to their strengths and achieves the best possible results.

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