Outstanding Junior Education at Reddam House Berkshire

Years 1 to 6

Our private Junior School in Wokingham, Berkshire nurtures and realises the potential of children aged 4-11, helping them to acquire core literacy and numeracy capabilities, and equipping them with the skills they need to thrive.

We are committed to academic, creative, cultural and sporting excellence - which we achieve with our broad Junior School curriculum and an outstanding teaching and learning environment.

At Reddam House we value achievement alongside building the momentum our Junior students need to succeed, and our school reflects the vibrant and lively community we are a part of.

Our Prep School provides an abundance of opportunities, as well as the support and space to encourage our students to grow in confidence, and discover their own unique talents.

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Why Choose Our Prep School in Wokingham, Berkshire

At our private Junior School in Berkshire, UK, we get to know the children in our care so that we can help them to become creative and critical thinkers from the very start of their academic careers. 

Our focus on strong pastoral care ensures an environment in which Junior pupils bring confidence and imagination to their daily activities, and our broad Junior Education curriculum equips them with the skills they need to learn independently, and realise their potential. Junior students at Reddam House regularly exceed national expectations for their age and we track their progress with termly standardised tests.

We recognise our Junior School pupils as individuals, and build relationships between parents, children, and staff - based on honesty and transparency and with our core values of kindness, respect, ambition, integrity, responsibility and courage embedded in everything we do. 

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Junior School Curriculum

At our Junior School in Wokingham, our approach to learning is based on the understanding that every child has unlimited potential, and we believe that Junior school is the gateway to a world of future possibilities. 

Students at Reddam House benefit from a rich Junior School curriculum, further bolstered by subject specialist teaching staff from Reception onwards. We introduce a wide range of subjects very early on, to ensure that our Junior School pupils are engaged and able to achieve the success that we know they are capable of.  

Subjects at Junior School include: English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, French, Computing, Art, RE, Life Skills (PSHE), Drama, Music, Dance, PE, Swimming, and Games.

English is based on the Wordsmith-Pearson programme, and we follow the exceptional Singapore Maths curriculum, a key international approach from Inspired Education.

Our Leadership Programme

The Reddam House Year 6 Leadership Programme empowers our Junior School students to become young leaders, encouraging creativity and boldness of thought. As part of the programme at our Prep School in Wokingham, peer elected student committees lead assemblies, take on charitable activities, learn how to use new technology, and hold leadership positions within sports and the arts.

Alongside this runs Sixceed - a new initiative designed to develop skills such as real-world problem solving and communication.

Our School Council compliments both of these activities and supports our Junior curriculum, promoting the student voice across the Junior School and helping our pupils to problem solve creatively and gain confidence in their ability to navigate challenges.

CHEX Programme

Our Challenge and Extension initiative supports pupils to extend their learning, using Surface Pros to provide specialised online content and a fresh approach to homework. 

Results from this initiative show that it is just as powerful for students who find a subject tricky, as it is for those who are ready to extend their learning.

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Languages in Junior School

Learning another language brings with it a multitude of skills, including problem-solving, memory development and the ability to become a more flexible and thoughtful learner. 

From Reception to Year 6, Junior students at Reddam House learn French,  taught by a specialist teacher once a week. This is a highly anticipated part of the week for our students, who respond well to the engaging and interactive manner of the lessons both in the classroom and during special French days throughout the year. As the students move into Middle School, we offer the opportunity to learn Spanish as well.

Sports at Primary School Wokingham

Junior School Facilities

Situated in a separate wing of Reddam House, our Junior School benefits from sharing some facilities with the Senior School, including an impressive 350-seat theatre, 25-metre indoor swimming pool and first-class sporting facilities such as a gymnasium, astroturf pitches, netball and tennis courts, and a large woodland area with a play trail and zip wires.

Our superb Reception 'zone' provides two dedicated classrooms, adjoining a well-equipped workshop and Reception garden.

Students have the opportunity to experience our courtyard growing garden throughout the seasons, and enjoy learning in our state-of-the-art science labs and tranquil classrooms. 

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Junior School Teachers

Our Junior teachers have all been graded 'Excellent' by the ISI Report and have a wealth of experience and enthusiasm for their role.

Each member of our teaching team brings both talent and a passion for their subject to the classroom, providing exceptional pastoral care and one-to-one support to ensure that our students in the 4-11 age group can meet their academic potential, and thrive during their time with us.

Students in Years One to Three are led by dynamic class teachers who provide a powerful foundation across the core curriculum, supported by subject specialists who bring an additional richness to their lessons.

In Years Four to Six, our pupils benefit from subject specialists for all lessons - with the knowledge and expertise to teach a challenging curriculum and extend the understanding of their students.

Activities for Primary School students

Extracurricular Activities at Junior School

At Reddam House, the school day is enriched by a variety of extracurricular activities, with clubs and classes to suit all tastes. Junior School children are encouraged to participate widely and to nurture their talents in all areas. 

All Junior School students have the chance to take part in competitive sports, with matches against local schools on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. There are various swimming clubs, complemented by weekly onsite swimming and a training squad, all in the school pool. 

Junior School Enrichment Programme

Our Junior School students benefit from a full enrichment programme with the opportunity to join clubs including art, animation, computing, music and drama. 

Pupils also have the chance to visit museums and theatres, join team-building days and residential programmes, and learn from visiting experts. 

Our Annual Reddam Inventors Engineering Challenge is a highlight of the school year and we encourage students to join in with competitions and tournaments (including Arts, Maths, English, and debating) on a local and national scale.

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Junior Education Philosophy

The Reddam House approach to Junior education is built upon the understanding that every child has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and unlimited potential. We inspire children to have confidence and imagination in their activities, fostering creativity and critical thinking skills for independent learning. This is at the heart of our educational philosophy at Junior School. We value individuality and offer a personalised education which celebrates the uniqueness of each child in a community where adults and children are considerate of each other, and where everyone has a voice. 

Reddam House has a strong commitment to academic honesty and transparency in relation to parents, children, and staff. Everything we do is based on our core values of kindness, respect, ambition, integrity, responsibility, and courage.

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