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3 months to 4+ years, Early Learning School

Our private Nursery School in Wokingham, Berkshire, is where our exceptional early education thrives in each of our dedicated classrooms and outstanding outdoor facilities.  

Children from 3 months to 4 years learn based on a 'rhythm of the day' rather than a structured timetable, and our caring, dedicated educators invite our youngest pupils to join a variety of activities designed to allow each child to reach the next step in their development.

We believe that children are confident, capable learners from birth and our Nursery School offers an enriched Early Learning curriculum which supports this approach.  From stage 4, our core childcare staff are supported by experts in music, dance, drama, sport, visual arts, and modern foreign languages.

Our Early Learning facilities are carefully designed to meet the specific needs of each preschool age group and to offer a nurturing home-away-from-home environment that ensures every child feels comfortable and happy while learning and reaching their full potential.

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Why Choose Our Nursery School in Wokingham, Berkshire?

At our private Nursery school in Berkshire, we believe in doing things differently.  Our world-renowned early childhood education is based on our Early Learning philosophy that children are inherently curious, confident and capable learners, so we adapt our Nursery curriculum to follow their lead - closely observed and stimulated by our team of outstanding educators.

At our private Nursery School in Wokingham, we make full use of the school's magnificent parkland and forest, while our rooms provide limitless opportunities for exploration and discovery.

When the children arrive each day at our Nursery School, they are welcomed into each room personally by the educators who support them. We understand that for the children, this transition between home and school is between the two most important worlds in their life. 

We nurture and support the children in our care so that they can make the best possible start to their Early Years education, while also preparing them for the transition to Junior School.

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Nursery School Options

At our Nursery School, we offer a School Day or Extended Day option for our families.

School Day children arrive at 8.30am and are collected at 4.00pm. Their day includes a morning and afternoon snack, as well as a hot meal at lunchtime. 

Our Extended Day children arrive at 8.00am and have the flexibility of being collected between 4.00pm and 6.00pm. Their day includes breakfast, lunch, and tea, as well as a morning and afternoon snack. 

We also offer Add-ons, subject to availability, for breakfast between 8.00-8.30am and tea between 4.00-5.00pm.

For more information about our Nursery School options and prices, please visit our Fees page.

Nursery Early Education Programme

At our Early Learning School we encourage children to develop their innate curiosity, and help them to make sense of the world around them. Our Nursery School curriculum has a broad starting point so that we can use each child's unique interests and skills to shape their learning journey and our expert Nursery teachers are there to support, guide and encourage them every step of the way. Core skills are included in the Early Learning curriculum, including phonics and maths.

Our Early Learning programme also celebrates the concept of 'the hundred languages' of the child, which represents the many ways children express themselves. This approach broadens the Nursery curriculum and the lessons are integral to our daily programme with teachers incorporating them into class themes in Stages 1-3. In Stages 4 and beyond, our dedicated practitioners work with smaller groups to nurture skills and foster imagination, bringing a richness to our young students' work across a variety of subjects.

Stages 1-3

Ages 1 to 3

We follow the Reggio Emilia Inspired Learning approach and believe that children are born with the capacity to learn: we value them as confident and capable from birth. Your child is naturally curious and learns by asking questions and experimenting. 

Children in this age group are also learning to express themselves in different ways, the ‘Hundred Languages’. Creative development through the visual and performing arts allows your child to develop his or her unique talents and imagination and we encourage this by providing lots of opportunity for open-ended play and emphasising the process as well as the end result. 

Stage 4


This is an exciting time as children develop socially and emotionally. Our Stage 4 environment encourages the children to play together, offering large areas for creative activities, block play and small world role play. As their language development thrives, the children begin to create really rich and imaginative worlds in their play and enjoy inviting others to join in. 

We begin to introduce our creative specialist teachers at this stage, who will help your child develop the different skills needed to add new depth to their ‘Hundred Languages’. Specialist teaching in Art, Dance, Drama, Sports and French are part of the core curriculum and we make sure there is a time for reflection at the end of each day so that the children can think about what they have discovered and the important connections they have made. 

Nursery Early Education Programme Stages
Nursery facilities

Reggio Emilia Inspired Approach

The Reggio Emilia Inspired Learning approach views our children as confident and capable learners from birth. We encourage children to develop their own theories and explore them with friends so they can make sense of the world. We listen to their ideas and take them seriously, supporting their natural curiosity by providing a wide range of experiences and nurturing positive interactions with well-trained, professional staff.

Your child is naturally inquisitive and our classrooms provide a million opportunities for exploration and discovery. Each room offers a flexible space that can be configured to provide opportunities for different types of play, with a lightbox area and space for creative development. In each area of the classroom, little pockets of interest are placed to invite children into play. These resources are deliberately chosen to spark curiosity, engage their interest and develop thinking.

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Preschool Subjects

Our specialist lessons are a core part of our daily Early Learning School curriculum. In stages 1 to 3, these opportunities for creativity and self-expression are led by the Stage Teachers. In stage 4 and stage 5 (Reception), this work is guided and taught by our Practitioners, who work with smaller groups of children to hone skills and explore creativity and imagination. The specialist areas provided for this work include: art and discovery areas at each stage, our small performance hall, our light and dark area, and the fields and sports facilities. These lessons provide our children with the opportunity to work in exceptionally beautiful and purpose-built Early Learning School environments.

Our preschool children are introduced to art, drama, music, dance, French and P.E/sports. They have lessons in each of these areas weekly to develop skills, confidence and talents in expressive and performing arts, sports and languages. Productions and showcases are an important part of our work in the Nursery School, allowing children to highlight their growing talents.

Berkshire Nursery School children

A Stimulating, Purpose-Built Early Learning Environment

The layout of the physical space at Reddam House Nursery School has been designed to encourage choices, problem-solving and exploration. This environment plays a central role in the process of making learning meaningful. 

Although it may not be possible to reflect the genuine buzz of excitement in our classrooms on the static page, our spaces are designed to spark creative curiosity and joy, as the children discover new things and form new relationships. 

We encourage communication and collaboration through play and it is these elements that make our nursery such a welcoming and special place to learn.

The resources provided in our Nursery School are thoughtfully incorporated to encourage creativity, problem-solving, experimentation, exploration and open-ended play. Our environment offers real experiences with real items, often nature-inspired with natural light, big windows and mirrors.

Our Nursery children also explore the woods daily, from our youngest in buggies to our oldest, walking with their peers and teachers. We believe that infants need equal opportunities, indoors and outdoors, to explore their environment, from the coloured, bubble machine in our sensory room to the flora and fauna in our woods.

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Nursery Facilities

Our Nursery School rooms are calm, beautiful and organised. Each space is carefully designed with natural objects and matched with palettes of paint or jars of crayons intended to inspire the children to explore colour, shape and pattern. Construction areas encourage children to deep dive into imaginative play and in each corner of every room they will find something to spark their interest and in doing so, direct their learning.

Alongside our warm and inviting classrooms, we have a soft play room, art and discovery area, library, and performance hall - all of which enrich the experiences of our youngest children and provide opportunities for physical development, singing and dancing.

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Our Skilled and Passionate Nursery Teachers

Our preschool educators are skilled observers and childcare experts who determine individual needs and build on the existing skills and talents of the children in their care.

We have an excellent balance of qualified early-years teachers and educators with a wealth of experience and a passion for infant education. They are all also first aid trained.

Our Nursery teachers use an online journal to collect evidence and observations of learning and progress, sharing it with parents throughout the term.

Berkshire ELS children

Nurturing Relationships at Early Learning School

Parents are a child’s first teacher and collaboration with parents plays an essential part in supporting the holistic development of your child. The process of consultation and collaboration with parents allows us to support them in their role as the most important part of a child’s life. By providing a Nursery environment that feels safe, children will be able to feel confident enough to express their needs through a sense of belonging and well-being. Happy children grow in confidence and resilience, so strong relationships with staff and peers are very important to us.

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Embracing Individuality

We focus on recognising and celebrating each child's innate abilities. Our Inspired approach centres around the child, who we believe is strong, competent, resourceful, and capable of constructing their own knowledge and understanding. How do they do this? Through exploration, self-expression, and working together with their teachers and peers.

We are guided by the children's interests and follow each child's individual line of enquiry, extending them in all areas of their development through their own individual interests. For example, if we have a child who consistently wants to play with cars in the construction area, we will use this to extend their learning in our role play, numeracy, literacy and mark-making areas.

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From babies to school-age children, Reddam House Berkshire is an inspiring place to grow and learn. Discover how our private Nursery School in Wokingham can set the foundations for success in the following academic stages.