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The Inspired Leadership Conference is an event taking place during April 22-23 with the main purpose of bringing people together and making a difference in society. The first day revolves around Earth Day and it will focus on our responsibility to sustain the planet, discussing today’s ecological issues and how to approach them. Meanwhile, on April 23rd, the whole day will be dedicated to leaders from Inspired schools and their importance and how they can impact their local communities to prosper change. Giorgi and Catalina were chosen out of many candidates due to their exceptional leadership skills and experience and they were tasked to organize the event. Catalina has been focused on choosing & inviting the speakers and scheduling and proposing possible workshops and presentations, while Giorgi has been mainly focused on the marketing side, including designing the posters for the conference, curating the online blog, and promoting the event on several social media platforms. Although everyone has been delegated different tasks, the event is a collaborative effort amongst people of multiple backgrounds all around the world and is an excellent experience for Giorgi and Catalina, as well as being extremely exciting for all students from the Inspired school network students who will be attending and participating in the event.