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Maths Fest 2020!

Maths Fest 2020

On Tuesday the 4th of February, the year 12 maths class attended this year’s Math Fest in Kensington, London. Many year 11, 12 and 13 classes from various schools from around the area gathered together for the event. Well established Mathematicians and physicians (including a few YouTubers) spoke to us about interesting maths topics that got our brains thinking, as well as provided exam revision tips and help. The event was led by Ben Sparks, a YouTuber from the channel ‘Numberphile’. Guest speakers included Simon Singh, Mithuna Yoganathan, James Grime, Rob Eastaway, Steve Mould and Nicole Cozens, who all brought a different perspective of maths to the event.

Some of the most engaging lectures were on ‘The Mould Effect’ and the maths behind the Simpsons, which everyone enjoyed. We learnt in these the physics behind self-siphoning beads as well as all the hidden maths quirks embedded into each episode of The Simpsons as well as Futurama. A special appearance was also made by the internet maths phenomenon, James Grime, who gave us an intriguing taster of his YouTube channel ‘Numberphile’. Other than these talks, 4 schools presented a ‘maths slam’ where each set of team of 2 students presented a demonstration on the maths topic of their choice, which definitely captured all of our attention.

During breaks, there was a room filled with stands to complete fun quick math challenges, speak to certain maths Universities, such as Imperial University, and pick up exclusive maths and science magazines for extended reading. Along with these maths activities, we were also given a booklet with small challenges to complete. The first to complete one of these challenges, would be awarded with a very unique ‘maths prize’, as one of our pupils, Christina, did. During the long break, we were allowed to adventure out to purchase meals however the lines caused a sufficient wait!

Overall the experience was informative and highly enjoyable, despite the long journey. It was definitely a bonding experience for the whole maths team and gave us a wonderful opportunity to extend our maths knowledge. We are so grateful to everyone who played a part in organising it, especially Mr. Nichol and Ms. Dalgliesh, thank you; next year’s year 12’s have a fantastic day to look forwards to!