Cutting-Edge Digital Tools to Enhance Learning Outcomes at Reddam House

Reddam House Berkshire is at the forefront of digital education to improve student outcomes and skills across age groups. Our pioneering Inspired Metaverse School project, which uses virtual reality technology to create dynamic, interactive learning experiences, successfully enhances learning opportunities, allowing immersive subject exploration. Moreover, since our school is committed to providing top-tier resources for academic success, we have introduced the purpose-developed Global Study Platform, powered by Canvas, a renowned learning management system.

A Metaverse School to Unlock Your Child's Potential

A Metaverse School to Unlock Your Child's Potential

Together with Inspired Education Group, Reddam House Berkshire is leading the way in immersive learning with its innovative Metaverse School which leverages virtual reality technology and turns lessons into dynamic and interactive experiences. Using this technology alongside traditional teaching methods and proven best practices in education boosts student understanding of key concepts and improves overall academic results.

Reddam House is the inspiration for creating the Metaverse school, a digital replica of the actual school building in virtual reality. Students at Inspired can access these virtual classrooms from anywhere in the world.

Virtual Reality

Providing Unparalleled Learning Opportunities with Virtual Reality


Advance Your Child's Learning Experience in the Metaverse

Outstanding Feedback from Our Community

Outstanding Feedback from Our Community

A New Global Study Platform to Enhance Learning Outcomes & Life Skills

At Reddam House Berkshire, we believe in providing the best tools and resources to ensure your child's academic success. After extensive discussions with students, parents and teachers on how to improve the learning experience, we have developed the Global Study Platform, powered by one of the best learning management systems in the world, Canvas (for more information on Canvas, please visit their website). The Global Study Platform is unique to Inspired and Reddam House Berkshire is the first to use it in the whole group!

The platform offers a range of benefits that will greatly enhance your child's learning experience:

Step 1

Seamless Learning Environment

Through the Global Study Platform, your child will have access to an intuitive interface that brings together all aspects of their education - assignments, resources, grades, and more. This seamless digital environment allows for easy organisation and navigation, promoting a focused and efficient learning experience.

Step 2

Improved Learning Focus

With all upcoming assignments and related course materials in one place, keeping ahead of busy schedules is easier than ever. In addition, the latest grades and ongoing grade progress visualisation provide students with a clear view of their learning performance.

Step 3

24/7 Accessibility

Whether your child is at school, home, or on the go, they can access their course materials, assignments, and resources anytime, anywhere on their mobile. This flexibility fosters a personalised learning journey tailored to your child's needs and schedule.

Step 4

Personalised Feedback

Canvas enables teachers to provide constructive feedback on assignments and assessments. This feedback loop encourages continuous improvement and empowers your child to excel in their studies.

Step 5

Parent Involvement

As a parent, you will have access to view your child's course content and monitor their progress in real-time. This transparency allows you to actively participate in their educational journey and provide the necessary support.

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