We are open for learning

The unique global situation has given Reddam House the opportunity to provide uninterrupted education, and continued academic excellence while further developing our students' IT skills.

By working in virtual environments across the world and across time zones, students participate in live lessons each school day, whatever the circumstance. Let's keep learning!


Curriculum and Tools

We are delivering as close to our normal curriculum as possible and this has been made possible through our robust IT infrastructure and using the Microsoft Teams app. All lessons have live teacher input and constant supervision and support throughout, whilst also offering students the opportunity to work independently, as well as in smaller virtual groups. We have also continued with our usual support mechanisms and 1-2-1 tutoring model. Students continue to work towards developing themselves around the framework of our 6 core values: Responsibility; Integrity; Respect; Courage; Kindness; and Ambition.


Wellbeing in a Virtual School Environment

physical activity

One physical activity every day

Remove devices

Remove devices from bedrooms

Reduce screen time

Reduce screen time

8 hours sleep

Ensure at least 8 hours sleep

Balance screen brightness

Balance screen brightness with workplace

Posture is key

Posture is key

frequent breaks

Take frequent breaks

Feedback from our RHB Families

For us, it has been invaluable whilst we cope with the impact of the current environment, noting you will have had to put aside your own complications in order to continue to support the children through these unprecedented times.

I think you and your team are doing an amazing job, during these challenging conditions. Keep up the herculean effort, this is appreciated by so many parents.

My family and I are now getting used to this new way of living and I would like to express my appreciation that the school has been able to quite quickly adapt to virtual teaching using such a great platform.

Please pass on a ‘Big’ thank you and well done to all at Reddam for making this challenging week of virtual teaching fun and active! We’re so proud as to how our daughter has coped well without having her peers in her makeshift classroom this week and having a positive mindset every morning and disciplined herself to each and every subject. The change in routine has worked well for her and given myself and her Dad time to focus on our work too, with very little distraction


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