Providing Support

Applying to university in early twenty first century Britain is a challenging experience. There are thousands of courses from which to choose at well over a hundred universities – and that is in the UK alone. If pupils think that they might like to study elsewhere – in the EU, or the USA, or Australia or Canada – as increasing numbers of young Britons are doing, the choices available are enormous.


Tutors and Senior Leaders

Students need skilled, knowledgeable and experienced guidance to negotiate their way through the potential pathways open to them. At Reddam our students are fortunate to have tutors and senior leaders on hand who are able to offer helpful and realistic advice. Students are given help with choosing their courses and with preparing their personal statements, the part of the application procedure which gives them greatest opportunity to “sell” themselves to university admissions’ tutors. Their references are meticulously prepared by their tutors and the Head of Sixth Form who oversees the whole process, which is notable here for its efficiency and success rate. All Reddam students will be expected to qualify for Russell Group universities or their equivalent.