Middle School

Welcome to Reddam House Berkshire Middle School. In the first year of Middle School, there is an emphasis on greater contact with the tutor and Year Coordinator to ease the transition from Junior School. A wide and varied curriculum awaits our students as they enter this exciting phase of their journey. All teachers are specialists in their field and keen to inspire a love of learning in each child.


Doing it Differently

The curriculum has also been shaped to not only strengthen students’ knowledge but to develop self-confidence, interpersonal skills and humility that will hold them in good stead in Senior School and later life. In addition to taking a traditional programme of the English Baccalaureate subjects, Middle School students gain experience in visual art, drama, dance, music, life skills, physical education and public speaking. Students enjoy individually scheduled classes and a wider array of extracurricular activities. Trips, assemblies, team sports, community service, a specialised diploma and leadership opportunities further educate our students and foster a greater sense of camaraderie.


Middle School Head

"It is a great privilege to welcome you to the Reddam House Berkshire Middle School. I am incredibly proud to lead this unique and vitally important stage of our student’s academic careers and together, with hard work, we will ensure the transition from Junior to Senior School is seamless. 

Reddam House Berkshire follows in the footsteps of its worldwide family. The zest, curiosity and unwavering energy are felt throughout Reddam Middle Schools across the globe. It is this exuberance that must be understood and with a faculty that understands the developmental needs of younger adolescents, potential can be fostered and high expectations realised.
I would very much like to encourage you to experience for yourself the spirit of Reddam House Berkshire and its beautiful surrounds."

Phil Edmonds



To ensure high-quality delivery of our curriculum great care is taken in the selection of Reddam House teachers. This is because we appreciate the importance of their contribution to shaping enquiring minds and developing young talent. Specialist knowledge, excellent qualifications, outstanding reputations and exceptional rapport with students are just some of the qualities we expect in our teachers.




We take a cognitive research-based approach to testing with our Cycle Test Programme. This is a weekly test (of all academic subjects on a rotational basis) under examination conditions for all students in Years 4-13. The function of these tests is to provide a snapshot of what a pupil has achieved. They are also used as diagnostic tools to let teachers know what has been learned by the pupils and to flag further areas needing consolidation.




We want our students to aspire to excellence in every area of their lives so we offer a unique development programme for the wider skills they will need to be happy and successful adults called A2B (Aspire to Be). Our blend of global perspectives, careers, personal and social education, thinking skills, well-being and study skills ensure that our students grow to be:
- Global citizens who understand their place in the world and how they can contribute to society;
- Happy, well-adjusted individuals who enjoy healthy relationships;
- Successful in the workplace, life-long learners who thrive on a challenge.

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