Our Educational Approach

Our middle school curriculum is designed to expose students to a wide range of subjects with a broad curriculum which includes more contemporary skills-based subjects alongside the more traditional offerings. This enables students at Reddam House Berkshire to develop the full variety of skills vital for the next step in their learning journey, as well as fully preparing them for greater specialism once they enter the Senior School examination years. 


Strong coverage of core and EBacc subjects prepares students fully for their GCSEs. Around a third of curriculum time is given to the vital core subjects; English, Mathematics and Science. A further third is dedicated to the English Baccalaureate subjects, which comprise Spanish, French, History, Geography and Computer Science. Teachers devote part of the curriculum of each subject to the development of vital transferable skills which ensure that pupils find the transition to GCSE much easier.


At Reddam House we believe that it is imperative that our students should be given the freedom to pursue and develop a variety of potential interests; creative and sporting as well as academic. The final third of our curriculum is therefore devoted to performance and enrichment subjects. These subjects help to cultivate the essential traits to equip our students to manage life’s challenges and opportunities with confidence, self-discipline and awareness.


Reddam House Berkshire is passionate about Sport and aims to produce outstanding individual and team performances in a wide range of sports giving all players a positive experience and introducing students to the sportsmanship, leadership and health benefits that arise from participation in a competitive environment.



Performing and Expressive Arts

Students are encouraged to embrace the Performing and Expressive Arts. The study of Art and Design, Music, Dance and Drama promotes creativity, individuality, personal growth, self-confidence and freedom of expression, whilst also promoting self-discipline and mutual respect.



Public Speaking

Public Speaking lessons encourage the development of strong communication skills in all students and have the added benefit of giving the limelight to young people who would not ordinarily put themselves forward. The aim is to get as many pupils performing as possible so that they gain the confidence, and the life skills, that come with standing up in front of an audience.