Junior School

Welcome to our Junior School. Our teaching and learning environment values both achievement and momentum to succeed, supported by the broad curriculum and commitment to academic, creative, cultural and sporting excellence. Our school reflects a vibrant and lively community, where children are given space, countless opportunities and support to grow in confidence and to discover their individual talents.


Doing it Differently

We believe that we are ‘doing it differently’. The children are welcomed into each room personally by the educators who support each child in the transition between home and school.

We inspire the children to have confidence and imagination towards how they will proceed with their activities, to become creative and critical thinkers who can learn independently. This is what we believe is the most important part of the education we provide. Please do come and visit us, taking part in an individual tour so that we can demonstrate to you how all of our children are learning and enjoying their experiences in our school.



Head of Junior School

"The Junior School at Reddam House is a vibrant place, from the colours of the main corridor and classrooms, to the teachers and students themselves.  We are all justifiably proud of our school and the work that goes on to educate the 'whole child'.  Our CHEX programme ensures that we do not put boundaries on your child's abilities, but instead set high expectations and help them to  discover their potential. We teach ‘Growth Mindset’ and our students embrace it; they are unafraid to try again and often ask for the opportunity to improve. Reddam is a safe and happy environment, where each moment of the day is filled with opportunity and care. 

Our students are our greatest ambassadors; they are confident, resilient, energetic and polite and reflect the outstanding teaching and pastoral care that happens everyday. Come and visit us and speak to them because they understand exactly why our school is such a special place and why they are on the right journey for a bright future."




Centred around the needs of each and every child, pastoral care is paramount; discipline relies on common sense, kindness and individual responsibility. The joy of learning and the fun of childhood exploration are shared throughout a warm school community, where every child is encouraged to try everything and do his or her best.




We nurture the individual in a community based on fairness, respect and kindness, where adults and children are considerate to each other, where everyone has a voice. All members of our community are encouraged to be imaginative, compassionate, intelligent, empathetic and determined. There is no such thing as a typical Reddam House pupil; every child strives, and is supported, to become a first class version of him or herself, not a second class version of someone else. In a Reddam House School individuality is cherished.




Throughout the school our emphasis is on thinking; encouraging creativity and a brave independent approach. We structure the curriculum to give lots of open-ended activities, focusing on personal and intellectual qualities such risk-taking, reflection and initiative where there is no ‘right answer’. Pupils develop a multitude of possible creative interpretations and solutions. Your child will gain the confidence to take risks and grow less fearful of making mistakes and learning from them. We encourage the development of a growth mindset, fostering the idea that hard work and determination to do well can overcome barriers; preparing your child for a world that requires courage, resilience and flexibility.

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