Our Educational Approach

The Reddam House approach is built upon the understanding that every child has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and unlimited potential. From an early age, students are introduced to a wide range of subjects to provoke their interest, developing skills and knowledge. This, combined with our innovative teaching, encourages our pupils to explore their understanding in a deeper and more transferable way; we're delighted that they show us how they apply their growing knowledge in new and thought provoking ways.


Years One to Three are led by a dynamic class teacher who provides a powerful foundation across the core curriculum, supported by a number of subject specialists, bringing a richness to the curriculum.


In Years Four to Six our pupils benefit from subject specialists for all lessons, providing a challenging curriculum taught by teachers, both passionate about their subjects and who have the knowledge to encourage to extend understanding of our pupils beyond the confines of an age-related curriculum. 


Rich and Challenging

Our curriculum is both rich and challenging, with children going beyond national expectations for their age. We teach pupils how to think, not what to think - our pupils are creative and critical thinkers who enjoy their learning. We believe that these real-world thinking skills are vital to equip today's children for tomorrow's world.

CHEX Initiative

We believe that all pupils have the potential to go further and deeper so our CHEX initiative challenges and extends the learning of all pupils. Blended Learning, utilising Surface Pros, is a powerful tool which gives pupils an opportunity to bring a starting knowledge to the lessons through specialised online content and to offer a fresh approach to homework. Our experience shows this approach to education is as powerful for those who find a subject tricky, as it is for those who are ready for extension.



An Extensive Offering

The school day is enriched with trips to museums, theatres, team building days, residential programmes and also by visits to the school by specialists from a variety of walks of life.