Specialist Teaching

An important part of the work of our school is the development of the Hundred Languages of a Child. This is a poetic description of the importance of developing all aspects of your child, or his or her multiple intelligences (Howard Gardener).


Teachers, our Expert Observers

These ‘hundred languages’ refers to the virtually infinite ways that a child can explore and express their thoughts, feelings and imaginings. These expanded ideas of intelligence empower children and adults whose strengths too often go unrecognised. By broadening the curriculum, we can fully examine the entire range of significant human capacities. 

These lessons are a core part of our daily curriculum, in Stages 1-3 this work is integrated by the teachers into the themes and interests of the classes and from Stage 4 upwards this work is done by our Atelieristas who work with smaller groups of children to hone skills and explore imagination. The richness this brings to the work of the children is evident in all areas and ingrates into our classroom themes.


Purpose Built Environments

We have Atelieristas for art, music, dance, drama, sports and languages. The children enjoy lessons in each of these areas weekly to develop skills, confidence and talents in expressive and performing arts, sports and languages. The specialist areas provided for this work include Ateliers (art and discovery areas) in each stage area, our small performance hall, our light and dark atelier and the fields and sports facilities offer even our youngest children an opportunity to work in exceptionally beautiful and purpose built environments.

Productions and showcases are an important part of our work in the ELS allowing children to highlight their growing talents.