Early Learning School

Welcome to our beautiful Early Learning School where the serious business of early education thrives in each of our dedicated classrooms and exceptional outdoor facilities. Learning here is based around a ‘rhythm of the day’ instead of a structured timetable; caring, dedicated staff invite our youngest students to join in with a variety of activities that are designed to allow each child to reach the next step in their development. We believe that children are confident, capable learners from birth and the education of our children is of utmost importance. Our facilities are designed to meet the specific needs of the particular age of the child, as well as offering a home-away-from-home, nurturing environment that ensures every child feels comfortable and happy whilst learning in all areas.


Doing it Differently

We believe that we are ‘doing it differently’. The children are welcomed into each room personally by the educators who support each child in the transition between home and school. The door into the Early Learning School is the ‘hinge’ between the two most important worlds in your child’s life. 

The rooms are calm, beautiful and organised. Each space is carefully resourced with natural objects and matched with palettes of paint or jars of crayons with the intention of inspiring each child to explore colour, shape and pattern. Construction areas have the beginnings of a building to extend and motivate children to construct their own buildings and take a deep dive into imaginative play. In each corner of each room there is a spark of interest waiting for a child to take this forward and direct their own learning and answer their own questions.


We inspire the children to have confidence and imagination towards how they will proceed with their activities, to become creative and critical thinkers who can learn independently. This is the most important part of the education we provide at the Early Learning School. Please do visit us, taking part in an individual tour so that we can demonstrate to you how all of our children are learning and enjoying their experiences in our school.



Head of Early Learning School

"For tiny babies to school-age children, Reddam House Berkshire is an exciting and inspiring place to grow and to learn. It is impossible, on a static page, to reflect the genuine buzz of excitement in our classrooms, to show you the creative curiosity sparked in our children, or to show you the pure joy the children exhibit daily as they discover new things, but we hope that the glimpse of our daily lives in the pages below will allow you some insight into our school and our family. Please do take time to look at all Stages to see how the Reddam House philosophy underpins the nurturing and development of every child, through all age groups."

Petra Wright


We love having families like yours in our community and take every opportunity to show off the amazing work being done by your talented children. Online learning journals, parent evenings, reports and regular stay and play sessions are a welcome addition to the day-to-day contact parents have with their child's educators. In addition, picnics, shows, information events and sports day bring our families together to enjoy the richness of the Reddam House Berkshire community.




We encourage independence from day one in the belief that children are capable and have a strong desire to influence their own educational journey. Growing independence underpins confidence, self-belief and resilience - all valuable attributes as your young child develops towards Junior school.




Your child has questions, knowledge, interests and passions which ignite their love of learning. To harness this innate curiosity, all of our terms begin with a broad starting point from which to jump into an immersive curriculum experience driven by the children. Core skills are woven by our experienced teachers into the curriculum which emerges week on week, and often day by day, alongside a rigorous phonics and maths programme. This approach means that your child's journey is completely unique - just like they are!

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