There is something quite special about an educational philosophy which states at its core that all children are confident and capable learners. It is this central tenent which drives the collaborative nature of the Reddam House Berkshire curriculum which emerges through the interests of the child, closely observed and stimulated by the adults who share their journey.


Reggio Emilia Inspired

We encourage children to develop their own theories so they can make sense of the world and to explore their theories with their friends. We listen to their ideas and take them seriously and we help facilitate their research and support your child’s natural curiosity by providing a wide range of experiences, and nurturing positive interactions with well-trained, professional staff.  

We believe the environment is the third teacher and so our classrooms are bright and welcoming spaces with open ended resourcing offering a multitude of opportunities and each has access to an Atelier space where creativity abounds and atelieristas help children to interpret their ideas and unleash their ‘Hundred Languages’. The learning continues outdoors both within our gorgeous outdoor learning zone and in the wider wood and park land.  

Reddam House Berkshires offers a world renowned education within an inspirational setting giving every child the best possible start to their education. 


Stages 1-3

Children are born into the world with a capacity to learn, we value them as confident and capable from birth. Your child is naturally curious and as he or she hypothesises and experiments, the critical skill of learning to learn is born.

Children in this age group are also learning to express themselves in other ways, the ‘Hundred Languages’. Creative development through visual and performing arts allows your child to develop his or her talents and imagination. The provision of open ended resourcing and valuing process over product means that natural talent is nurtured and your child’s unique perspective is valued and built upon.

Parents are a child’s first teacher and collaboration with parents plays an essential part in supporting the holistic development of your child. The process of consultation and collaboration with parents allows us to support parents in their role as the most important part of a child’s life. By providing an environment that feels safe, children will be able to feel confident enough to express their needs through a sense of belonging and well being. Happy children grow in confidence and resilience so strong relationships with staff and peers are very important to us.



Stage 4

This is an exciting time in a child’s development as they develop socially and emotionally and our Stage 4 environment invites cooperative play, offering large areas for creative activities, block play and small world, enabling lots of children to play together. Language development is rich and children will create rich and imaginative worlds in their play. Children begin to enjoy playing with others and will begin to invite other children into their play so the collaboration process of learning becomes even more important at this stage.

It is at this stage that we begin to introduce our Atelieristas, creative specialist teachers who help your child develop skills to bring a richness also to their ‘hundred languages’. Specialist teaching in Art, Dance, Drama, Sports and French forms part of the core curriculum of the day. Reflection time at the end of each session allows children an opportunity to summarise and review the things that they have discovered and to make important connections. 



Embracing Individuality

We focus on recognising and celebrating each individual child’s innate abilities and gifts.



A time to explore

Our philosophy respects childhood as a time to explore.

Skilled Teachers


Skilled teachers

Teachers are skilled observers who determine individual needs and build on existing gifts and talents.

Environment as teacher


The environment as teacher

The layout of the physical space at Reddam House ELS has been designed to encourage choicesproblem solving and exploration.