Boarding at Reddam House

At Reddam House we offer an exceptional boarding experience with a nurturing atmosphere, ensuring that students aged 11 to 18-years-old feel at home here from their very first day here.

Dedicated boarding staff offer excellent around the clock pastoral care, and personal tutors ensure specialised one-to-one tuition, as well as providing expert guidance through the university application process; over 60% of our boarding students received offers from Russell Group universities.

At Reddam, we are very much open for learning, with live, teacher-led online lessons, and virtual enrolment meetings and admissions.

Here’s just a few things you can expect:


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A family atmosphere to make your child feel comfortable from day one.

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Dedicated boarding staff who live alongside the children and provide daily support

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Living and studying alongside other students from many countries worldwide

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An atmosphere that breeds self-confident, independent learners


A wide variety of extra-curricular activities including sport, theatre, art and more

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Reddam House Berkshire win the British Boarding School's (BSA) award for Boarding Innovation!

"Reddam House showed innovation in action during the COVID-19 lockdown, embracing technology and moving at speed to keep
its boarding community connected” – BSA judge


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Flexible Options

Life these days is busier than ever, and the demands on working parents, combined with long commuting times can make it hard to be present after school.
Our flexible boarding options are designed to make life a little easier. There are several options available.


Full time boarding seven days a week during term time.


Your children will join our boarding family from Sunday evening to Friday evening.


Beat the traffic by dropping your children off at 7:30am to join the boarders for breakfast and/or pick them up after supper at 6:30pm or at 8:30pm with our supper and study option.


Ease long journey times or cover a regular late night work commitment by booking overnight stays on set days during the week.


If you have a big event to attend or need to travel for work, you can book ad hoc nights in the boarding house (with advance notice).



Director of Boarding

Being a boarder is very special and gives you the most wonderful opportunity to learn how to live and study in a more independent setting than you would normally find in most homes. The opportunities that are available to our boarders, both academically, after school, in the evenings and at weekends are truly outstanding, and we are so lucky to live in such a wonderful setting. Caring and looking after other people’s children is a wonderful honour, and our Boarders are treated exactly like my own children. The structures of the Boarding Community give focus and direction to them, whilst not being restrictive on their ability to grow and develop in their own individual ways.

I urge every single boarder to push themselves outside of their comfort zones and take part in as wide a variety of activities as they can manage, making sure that they get involved in lots of new things that they haven’t experienced before. Simply taking the easy option, doesn’t challenge them and if it doesn’t challenge them, it won’t help them grow into and fulfil their potential.

Starting at a new school, possibly in a new country, is a really daunting prospect, but we understand this and are here to help and support our boarders as much as possible. Young people need a helping hand in life, as well as support when they make a mistake and we take care to get to know our boarders and understand that learning from mistakes is a key part of shaping the futures of the boarders in our care, so they can live successful and fulfilled lives in whatever they decide to do in the future.

Mr. Kieron O'Brien


A Day in the Life of a Boarder

Get ready for the day


Get ready for the day ahead - make your bed and prepare your bag.

Breakfast time


Breakfast time

Off to school


Off to school

school day begins


The school day begins

School finishes


School finishes for the day

After school activities


After school activities

Supper time


Supper time for boarders

Homework time


Homework time

Free time


Free time - boarders can watch TV, play music, enjoy tech time, or have a movie night

Time for bed


Time for bed!

Boarding Activities

Our boarding house tries to involve children in an activity every weekend. 
Below are some typical activities:

Saturday House Team Building Sunday Gunwharf Quays Shopping & Cinema Sunday Reddam House PTA Fireworks

Orientation Tours & Induction

Saturday House Race Night & Take Away



Reading FC v Luton Town
Friday Chinese Moon Festival Sunday Paintballing @ Reddam Sunday Coral Reef Water Park
Sunday Thorpe Park - Full Boarding Trip Sunday Gravity Force Trampolining Centre Saturday  House Quiz & Pizza Night
Sunday Windsor Shopping Saturday Ascot Races – British Champions Day Sunday Ice Skating @ Winchester Cathedral & Christmas Market



Giulia (Italian)

When I came to Reddam House Berkshire in 2016 I was warmly welcomed by my classmates and the school staff. I was particularly surprised by the great support received by teachers, that come nightly to the boarding house outside school hours to help students achieve best results.

Sono arrivata a Reddam House Berkshire nel 2016 e sono stata subito accolta calorosamente dai miei compagni e dal personale scolastico. Sono stata sorpresa, in particolare, dal grande supporto ricevuto dagli insegnanti, che si impegnano a venire al college (boarding house) al di fuori dell’orario scolastico per aiutare gli studenti ad ottenere i migliori risultati.


Carlos (Spanish)

My name is Carlos and I am a proud boarder at Reddam House Berkshire. Ever since I started boarding in early 2017, I have witnessed both my social and academic life improve significantly. Although I live only 10 minutes away from the school, I am a weekly boarder because I feel it allows me to have the perfect, healthy balance between my study and free time.  Every day of my life as a boarder, I find the time to exercise in the school gym, socialise with my friends and most importantly focus on maximising my academic ability and potential by studying hard in order to achieve the things I want in life. Personally, I feel boarding here has made me humble as it has showed me how incredibly fortunate I am for the opportunities that I am offered. I strive every day of my life as a student do my best in order to enjoy the benefits of my work in the future.
Me llamo Carlos y soy un estudiante interno en Reddam House Berkshire. Desde que me instalé en el internado a principios del año 2017, he sido testigo a un cambio maravilloso en mi vida social y académica. Aunque solo vivo a diez minutos del colegio, estoy interno durante la semana por que siento que me aporta un equilibrio perfecto entre mi tiempo de estudio y tiempo libre. Cada día de vida como estudiante interno, tengo el tiempo para hacer ejercicio en el gimnasio del colegio, charlar con mis amigos y mas importante aún concentrarme en maximizar mi potencial académico trabajando duro para adquirir lo que quiero en mi vida. Personalmente, he sentido que estar interno aquí me ha hecho humilde por que me ha enseñado lo afortunado que soy por las oportunidades que me ofrecen. Me esfuerzo cada día en mi vida para poder aprovechar de los frutos de mi trabajo en el futuro.


Varvara (Russian)

I joined Reddam House in 2017. This was when I met my second family, a place where people from different countries or people whose families are far away from school, live in the boarding house. I love boarding because every night different teachers help you with your prep or revision for the exams. Also, you can always talk to Mrs or Mr Paxton if something is worrying you or if you need advice. 

Я впервые пошла в Reddam House в 2017. Тогда я познакомилась с моей второй семьей- домом где люди из других стран  или люди у которых  дома далеко от школы живут. Мне очень нравится это место потому что каждый вечер разные учителя приходят и помогают тебе с домашним заданием или с подготовкой к экзаменам. Также если что то тревожит тебя или если тебе нужен совет  ты всегда можешь поговорить с Mrs или Mr Paxton.


Linda (Slovakian)

Reddam offers a friendly environment, outgoing teachers and great people. When I am studying after school, I get extra help from my subject teachers who come to the boarding house during prep time. Our amazing house parents also make this feel like home!

Reddam House Berkshire je výnimočná škola, ktorá ma učí veľa dôležitého. Reddam ponúka priateľské prostredie, sú tu ochotní učitelia a milí ľudia.Keď potrebujem pomoc pri učení po vyučovaní, môžu mi pomôcť učitelia, ktorí chodia na náš internát počas prípravy na ďalší deň.Som veľmi rada, že tu môžem byť, lebo sa tu cítim skoro ako doma!


Christian (Chinese)

I am so grateful to Reddam House Berkshire for providing me an environment where I could grow academically and as an individual.

我非常感谢Reddam House Berkshire 让我有机会提高我的学业水平和自身素质