Our A-Levels Programme in Berkshire, Wokingham

In Year 12, Reddam House students choose 3-4 specialist subjects from a wide range of Advanced Level (A-level) courses. These courses are designed to cultivate critical thinking and academic excellence. 

Over the course of two intensive years, our exceptional teachers and tutors guide each student so that they are fully prepared for the challenge of their Year 13 A-level exams, enabling them to earn a globally recognised post-16 qualification. 

Our students achieve consistently outstanding grades at A-level, well above the national average. 90% of our students are offered a place at their first choice university, including top tier universities in the UK and abroad such as Oxford and Russell Group institutions. 

Our A-level education in Wokingham, Berkshire equips students with the skills and knowledge to successfully transition to university and excel in life after school.

Top Benefits of Taking A-Levels at Reddam House Berkshire

"A-level students at Reddam House enjoy engaging lessons with highly experienced and dedicated teachers, who embrace the latest educational approaches and digital tools. 

Our students enjoy world-class facilities set in a 125-acre parkland campus, with a dedicated Sixth Form Centre which was extended and developed in 2023, to provide areas for both independent study and leisure.

Reddam House's exceptional teaching is complemented by an enrichment programme, ensuring that our students have everything they need to achieve excellence in their exams and gain a place at their first-choice university in the UK or abroad. The majority of our students exceed the national average and are supported by our innovative assessment programme which uses regular formal tests to support learning.

In 2023, most of our Year 13 graduates successfully secured places in their preferred courses at top-tier universities. These inlcude some of the UK's most prestigious insitutions, such as Oxford, Durham, Exeter, and Manchester, as well as renowned universities in the USA and Japan.

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Berkshire A-Level courses

Why Choose Our School in Wokingham to Study A-Levels?

At Reddam House we offer a wide range of A-level courses, including those which are most commonly required by universities (the 'facilitating subjects') - so our students can access the broadest variety of degree courses.

Our outstanding A-level tutors and teachers are committed to ensuring every student's academic growth and success, and our small class sizes mean that they can provide individual attention in a way that larger establishments cannot. 

Students enjoy close and supportive relationships with their teachers which is instrumental in improving learning outcomes, and achieving success in their A-level results.

We encourage all our A-level students to take advantage of our exclusive Sixth Form Centre, where they can work independently in comfortable surroundings, preparing them for life at university.

Reddam House A-level students are supported as they learn, lead and give back to the school community, becoming well-rounded individuals who can reach their full potential.

Exceptional A-Level Results

In spite of the grade deflation process, with grades returning to 2019 (pre-pandemic) levels, Reddam House students have achieved excellent A-level results once again, with an improvement on our 2019 grades at A* (12% in 2023), A*-A (40% in 2023) and A*-B (nearly 60% in 2023). These outstanding results are significantly higher than the national average and better than most of the other schools in the region.

A-Level Curriculum

In Year 12, Reddam House students choose four specialist subjects to study at A-level.

Our A-level curriculum is delivered by a combination of engaging classroom lessons, student-led research and coursework. We encourage students to follow subject pathways that will enable them to follow their desired future career, or give them the widest choice of options.

A-level students can choose subjects from the following options: Art and Design, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Dance, Drama, Economics, English Literature, French, Further Mathematics, Geography, History, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Physics, Psychology, and Spanish. 

These subjects provide a diverse array of educational opportunities for our students, allowing them to explore their interests and build a strong foundation for their future academic and career pursuits. Students may revert to three subjects during the Autumn term if they wish.

Our A-levels at Reddam House are a combination of Eduqas (WJEC), Edexcel, OCR, AQA, and RSL examination boards to ensure we offer the most robust curriculum across different disciplines.
Advanced Levels courses in Wokingham

A-Levels Subjects

At Reddam House, our most popular A-level subjects include Mathematics and Further Mathematics, Economics, Psychology and the traditional Sciences. Other facilitating A-level subjects include English, History (Ancient or Modern), Geography, Computer Science, French and Spanish. We have also recently added Sociology to our offering.

Ctechs on offer for those who want to take a more vocational route include an Extended Certificate and Diploma in Business Studies. 

We also offer Theatre Studies, Fine Art, Music, and Dance as A-level options. 

Our A-level choices are reviewed every year in light of each cohort’s strengths and ambitions, with new A -level courses added when the demand arises.

Extended Project Qualification

We strongly encourage our A-level students at Reddam House to take the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Highly regarded by universities, the EPQ is an academic extension that sees students work independently to produce a piece of work on a subject of their choice. Not only is the EPQ an indicator of a student's readiness for university, but it also provides interesting collateral for university statements, CVs and job applications. 

The EPQ is taken by some students in the United Kingdom and is equivalent to 50% of an A-Level, providing a Level 3 qualification. It is graded A*–E and worth up to 28 UCAS points.

A-Level Assessment & Grades

A-level grades range from A* to E and are often an entry requirement for universities. Certain university courses may require specific A-level subjects with a minimum grade prerequisite. Assessment requirements depend on the specific A-levels chosen. 

A-level assessments provide external examiners and teachers with insights into how effective teaching and learning have been for each student. Formal assessments may also be helpful in understanding how well pupils are performing in a particular subject.

Most A-level subjects require students to sit one or more exam papers; however, this depends on the subject. All A-level assessments take place at our school in Berkshire, and pupils will receive their A-level results in August.

A-Level Requirements to Study

Advanced Levels are a UK subject-based qualification which provides an intensive and specialist education in a focused range of subjects. They are a Level 3 post-16 qualification that requires studying three or four subjects for two years, with exams at the end. 

Students are encouraged to study 3 subjects but may choose to start the Sixth Form with 4 if they are undecided between two subjects and want to try both for a short period of time. Universities make offers based on 3 A-level subjects and therefore only those that can cope with a very high workload should consider studying 4 A-levels (students achieving straight 8/9 grades at GCSE). Those who choose 4 A-levels will be monitored to ensure that the extra A-level is not detrimental to their other subjects. If it is felt the student is not coping, they will be asked to drop their fourth option.

View our complete Sixth Form curriculum booklet for entry and assessment requirements for individual subjects.

Cycle Tests

To continually evaluate their progress during this 2-year programme and prepare them for their final A-level assessments, we give students an hour-long examination at the end of each week - a cycle test, based on their A-level subject choices. These tests are also a means of identifying and rewarding those pupils who work hard and achieve consistently good results.


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