Studying in the Sixth Form

The Sixth Form at Reddam House is a vibrant community which encourages the students to have a curiosity about the world and the way it operates.  Reddam House Sixth Formers are notable for their inter-personal skills. They are independent learners and are prepared to lead and take responsibility.  They are caring and they serve both their own community and other communities through their charitable actions.  They are also resilient and reflective in their approach to life.

The College offers a range of A level courses. These are primarily in the ‘facilitating subjects’ which are the subjects most commonly required or preferred by universities to get on to a range of degree courses. Choosing a combination of these subjects can help students keep their options open when choosing a degree course.

Reddam House is also passionate about the expressive arts and so Theatre Studies, Fine Art and Dance are also offered as A level options.

The subjects on offer for 2016 will be:-

English Literature Mathematics
History Further Mathematics
Geography Physics
French Chemistry
Spanish Biology
Music Computer Science
Fine Art Economics
Theatre Studies Business Studies
Dance Physical Education

Our pupils are very well known within our community but, equally, those who join our Sixth Form from outside find their new environment very welcoming.  They very quickly feel at home and they benefit too from the supportive and very personal nature of our school.  Sixth Formers are special members of our community.

The Sixth Form is also a time when pupils are allowed a greater degree of autonomy than is the case in more junior years.  They have to take greater responsibility for their work and for managing their time.  They play a real part in helping to run parts of College life by organising activities for themselves and for others.

Sixth Form A level programme of study

With A levels returning to the 2 year, terminal examination, format, students at Reddam will be expected to pick 3 A level subjects that they will study throughout the 2 years of sixth form. Some students may choose to study 4 A levels, especially those strong mathematicians who wish to study Further Maths, but most will augment their 3 A levels with the Extended Project Qualification that is popular with universities and provides extra UCAS points.

Every week, 6th formers will have an hour long examination (Reddam call these Cycle Tests). These will revolve around their A level subjects and give the teachers an up-to-date feel of the progress that is being made. There will be full length end of term examinations in all subjects and 2 rounds of mocks, in the U6th year, to prepare for the final examinations.

University Admissions

Applying to university in early twenty first century Britain is a challenging experience.  There are thousands of courses from which to choose at well over a hundred universities – and that is in the UK alone.  If pupils think that they might like to study elsewhere – in the EU, or the USA, or Australia or Canada – as increasing numbers of young Britons are doing, the choices available are enormous.

Pupils need skilled, knowledgeable and experienced guidance to negotiate their way through the potential pathways open to them.  At Reddam they are fortunate to have on hand tutors and senior leaders who are able to offer helpful and realistic advice.

Pupils are given help with choosing their courses and with preparing their personal statements, the part of the application procedure which gives them greatest opportunity to “sell” themselves to university admissions’ tutors.  Their references are meticulously prepared by their tutors and the Head of Sixth Form who oversees the whole process, which is notable here for its efficiency and success rate. All Reddam students will be expected to qualify for Russell Group universities or their equivalent.