Senior School


The Senior School section of Reddam House Reddam leads children from the foundations established in their Early Learning and Junior School experiences to the point where, after A levels, they will be able to embark on tertiary education and the start of their adult lives.


The curriculum in the early stages of the Senior School is purposely broad in order to provide pupils with as wide a range of educational experiences as possible.  In Years 10 and 11, pupils study for GCSE examinations, again following a broad range of courses so that they keep their options open with regard to their A level choices.  In the Sixth Form (Years 12-13), pupils take their A levels and apply to university, a complex process for which they need and receive outstanding advice.  At every stage, teaching, always by subject specialists, is of the highest standard.

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Academic success comes from a variety of qualities and factors, but very high amongst them is excellent pastoral care.  Reddam House Reddam offers proactive guidance and advice at all points of the Senior School to assist pupils (and their families) in making the most of the opportunities and dealing with the challenges of growing up in the twenty-first century.  Tutors know their tutees extremely well and work under the close supervision of the Academic Year Group Coordinators who report directly to the Headmaster.


The world demands much from its citizens today.  Reddam House Reddam provides a tremendous range of enrichment activities – art, dance, drama, music, public speaking, societies, and sport - which encourage every child to find something which will enable her or him to develop the personal qualities, attitudes and skills to complement their academic success.  The addition of the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) course in the Sixth Form allows our young people to demonstrate their deeper academic interests and hone research and communication skills essential for university studies.
The scale of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Combined Cadet Force and other organised activities demonstrate the all-round participation and achievement of the pupils.

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The Senior School is located primarily in the Victorian Mansion that is the centrepiece of Reddam House Reddam.  Classrooms are equipped with the technology that teaching and learning now requires.  Subjects which have particular requirements, such as the sciences, physical education, music, drama and dance, all have their own purpose-designed rooms.  
The magnificent library provides space for private study and research.  Communal spaces for relaxation provide an opportunity for the community to spend time together.


Reddam House Reddam has a ‘multi-form’ which allows the expression of  individuality in a community setting. Pupils are able to choose from a variety of items within the ‘multi-form’ range.  They are expected to wear formal uniform one day per week and on certain formal occasions.