The Junior School

"Teachers actively promote collaborative and independent learning to help pupils build confidence in their own abilities and achievements"

ISI Inspectorate January 2016

Visiting one of the exceptional Reddam House schools, one has a sense of the vibrant and lively community, where children are given space, countless opportunities and support to grow in confidence and to discover their individual talents.

The teaching and learning environment values both achievement and momentum to succeed, supported by the broad curriculum and commitment to academic, creative, cultural and sporting excellence.

Centred around the needs of each and every child, pastoral care is paramount; discipline relies on common sense, kindness and individual responsibility. The joy of learning and the fun of childhood exploration are shared throughout a warm school community, where every child is encouraged to try everything and do his or her best.

We nurture the individual in a community based on fairness, respect and kindness, where adults and children are considerate to each other, where everyone has a voice. All members of our community are encouraged to be imaginative, compassionate, intelligent, empathetic and determined. There is no such thing as a typical Reddam House pupil; every child strives, and is supported, to become a first class version of him or herself, not a second class version of someone else. In a Reddam House School individuality is cherished.

The school's staff value the privilege of educating children and provide a broad and challenging curriculum. A range of after school activities and clubs extend timetabled subjects and games, with every kind of interest and activity. An outstanding sports and performing arts programme encourages every level of ability and develops self confidence.

Throughout the school our emphasis is on thinking; encouraging creativity and a brave independent approach. We structure the curriculum to give lots of open-ended activities, focusing on personal and intellectual qualities such risk-taking, reflection and initiative where there is no ‘right answer’. Pupils develop a multitude of possible creative interpretations and solutions. Your child will gain the confidence to take risks and grow less fearful of making mistakes and learning from them. We encourage the development of a growth mindset, fostering the idea that hard work and determination to do well can overcome barriers; preparing your child for a world that requires courage, resilience and flexibility.

Reddam House Berkshire is a special place for children to enjoy part of their childhood within a caring, nurturing environment. Adjoining the magnificent mansion house with its history and grandeur, overlooking the woods and lake, the Junior School classrooms offer an outstanding learning environment for your child. Taking full advantage of the outdoors and also the specialist facilities of the Senior School, our children have an unparalleled opportunity to experience exceptional teaching in an exceptional environment.

Whilst our facilities are without doubt first class, it is the friendly and vibrant learning atmosphere which is commented upon most frequently by visitors and this is difficult to capture with a website. We would like to warmly invite you to visit and see for yourself how your child’s potential could be realised in our nurturing community.

The Junior School is an exciting part of Reddam House Berkshire. It continues the process of building the work habits essential for academic success while maintaining the sense of wonder young learners find in the world around them.  The learning experiences offered are differentiated, pupil-centered and designed for maximum challenge and extension. Your child will leave the Junior School a well-rounded individual prepared for the continued academic rigour of the Senior School.

Our children and staff are very proud of our school and love to welcome visitors, do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to see our school in action.

Tammy Howard