24th February 2016


ISI Inspection Report January 2016

Following our ISI inspection in January, we are delighted to inform you that the Junior and Senior Schools have received primarily “excellent” grading, with the remaining categories ranked as “good”. The quality of our boarding provision was acknowledged to be “excellent “ in all areas, whilst our Early Learning School has achieved the rare distinction of being graded “outstanding” in all categories.

All the more remarkable that this has been achieved after just one term since the opening of Reddam House Berkshire; and the Inspectors comment on the amazing turnaround this represents. It is especially pleasing to see how quickly the new Reddam ethos, teaching initiatives and curriculum have become embedded and welcomed by all members of our community.

The Inspection Team saw a school with an excellent curricular and co-curricular provision, where the quality of the teaching ensures high levels of progress for pupils of all ages and abilities, and with a particular strength in teaching the most able. They commented on the innovative invigorating styles and methods of teaching and the pupils’ excellent attitudes to learning. We are also delighted to see that the Inspectors acknowledge the high levels of creativity, critical thought and thinking skills, with the CHEX (Challenge and Extension) initiative being a key feature of the school alongside the excellent relationships between pupils and staff which allow pupils to take risks in their learning and thus make rapid progress.

Pastoral care and the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the pupils are graded as excellent. Our work on Growth Mindset is also evident in the community, with teaching recognised as encouraging ambition and perseverance amongst pupils, raising self-esteem, building self- confidence and encouraging pupils to believe they have unlimited potential. Again this is all a notable turnaround; and the pride pupils have in their achievements and the school and the respect they have for one another and the staff are also highlighted in the report, which is wonderful to see. The boarding, also rated excellent, rounds out the picture of pupils and staff living and working together with mutual respect and an ethos which is both homely and structured. This purposeful atmosphere and the on-going refurbishment of the boarding facilities owe a great deal to the new house parents.

Those of you with children in the ELS will share our delight in reading that all Early Years pupils make rapid progress and that they are prepared well for the next stage in their education, a result of meticulously well-planned learning programmes. Teaching and learning and individual assessment ensures children meet and often exceed the level of development expected for their age; and

Reception (Stage 5) pupils were seen to be achieving high levels of both literacy and numeracy skills. This focus on academic achievement, alongside the enriched specialist teaching, is set within a nurturing environment where children feel safe and secure and develop positive relationships – all features of the Reddam Reggio-Emilia inspired approach that we have adopted with such success.

The full report makes for excellent reading of the outstanding qualities of this remarkable school.

Although we are naturally delighted with the recognition of the work going on in all areas of the school, one of the strengths of an inspection is to highlight opportunities for further development in order to continue the forward momentum. In our case, we were pleased that we had already put in place strategies to address the areas for improvement suggested by the inspection team.

As noted, for example, there is a rigorous cycle of observations carried out by the Senior Leadership Team and workshops for staff to improve the consistency of approach in setting homework and the giving of rewards. Parents will already be aware that we have been making improvements to the reporting structure and that the new, more comprehensive reports will be issued this term. Those of you in the Junior will know that a pupil led School Council was established this term, following the election of the Year Six Senators in December.

Thus we look forward to continuing to work closely with our pupil and parent body consistently to drive improvement for the benefit of all of our pupils. The Inspectors have provided an exceptionally strong endorsement of what has been achieved in our first term since opening as a new school, and we are now keen to maintain momentum and, with excitement for the future, to build higher from this strong start.

The full ISI Inspection report is attached for your information.

Please click here for full report

We are sure that you would like to join us in congratulating Mr Toby Mullins, Mrs Tammy Howard, their outstanding staff and pupils for this wonderful reflection on our excellent school, and in our turn we wish to thank you, our parents, for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Mr. G Crawford             Dr. S Spurr

Founder                                Chair of the Board