Flexi - Boarding at Reddam

In an increasingly busy world, the opportunity for pupils to stay the night in boarding is becoming ever more popular. The reasons for the stay can be varied but, amongst many others, are:-

  • A poplular activity that requires the pupil to stay late at school beyond the normal pick up times. Play rehearsals, choir and use of the art and design rooms are all reasons that pupils currently need to stay late.
  • The opportunity to do prep with the boarders. The organised prep routine, with appointments with subject specialists, can be a draw for pupils in the run up to public examinations.
  • The journey home is just too far to do on a daily basis. To only have to do the journey three times each week instead of five might be an improvement.

The boarding house has the capacity for a number of flexi-boarders and, following the refurbishment (currently under way) this capacity will be increased. Regular flexi-boarders may well have a consistent bed assigned to them whist others will share with others in their year group.

The Boarding Houseparents will need to be informed of the intention to flexi-board at least 24hrs in advance and the availability of places will depend on demand. The current charge for flex-boarding is £42 per night and is added to the termly bill in arrears.