Boarding at Reddam House

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Reddam House aims to have about 25% of its pupils as boarders. We offer boarding in all formats:- flexible boarding, weekly boarding and full boarding.

There is one boarding house that houses both boys and girls from age 11 – 18. This house has resident houseparents, two resident house tutors and a matron. These resident staff are helped by a number of Assistants or Tutors who live on the school site. There are always at least two members of staff resident in each boarding house overnight during term time.

As the pupils move up the school, they are more likely to gain a single room. Refurbishment of the boarding block should provide these single rooms to be ensuite. Younger members of the house will be expected to share a room - in most cases this will be with just one other.

In the evenings, a two hour prep session is supervised by four members of duty staff. Teachers provide specialist support both on a general level and in tutorials which can be timetabled for particular evenings. Prep is a vibrant time when students are encouraged to become independent learners but supported at all times. After the prep finishes, resident staff offer sports and other recreational activities until bed time. The houseparents also run a bus to the local supermarket for essential shopping.

Monday Night Boarders' Music Session

Weekends are full with sports and activities on the Saturday morning, shopping trips in the afternoon on Saturday and then a variety of evening activities. This term, boarders have been to the theatre and the cinema. Sunday, after brunch, always includes an extended trip to a place of interest fro all those in the house. 

The boarding house is designed to operate on the principle of an extended family. Older pupils are expected to set a very good example in the house and the Houseparents and their team get to know their pupils and provide the support, guidance and encouragement that they need from time to time.

The pupils in the house meet regularly, as members of a number of councils, and are encouraged to feedback to their houseparents and issues, concerns or positive feedback that they might have about boarding and the school in more general terms.